Sunday, May 3, 2015

An easy-to-distribute, simple, digital presentation about the Love of God

We wanted to create an easy-to-distribute, simple digital presentation about the Love of God. This blog site is dedicated to making that happen.

Below are some click-able links. (Right-click to copy a link.)
You can
view on-screen or download all three for FREE:

The Love of God for You - PDF

The Love of God for You - PowerPoint Show

The Love of God for You - YouTube Channel Video

Let us know what happens when you share this tool and message. We really want to hear from you! 

Read other posts in this blog for creative ways to use this tool and questions for follow up. Post suggestions for follow-up to share with others.
In our field test we heard that some would like a version for kids. Also, some would like versions that use illustrations from sports. What versions would you like?

This TLOG presentation is created in a cinema-wide screen viewing size and high resolution for excellent viewing on tablet devices, smart phones and large screen projection.

Remember, the love of God for you is truth you can trust.