Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A new, creative way to share your faith with others

A new beautiful, creative way to share your faith with others. 
It's the FREE tool we call TLOGFY or
"The Love of God for You."  

Martin Luther said, 

"Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace,
so sure and certain that you can stake your life on it a thousand times."

As you know, everyone needs hope, meaning, and purpose for living. And after you understand the Good News you want to share it. Here are some common questions:
  • What is an easy way to explain your "faith?" 
  • How do I explain who Jesus is and how he relates to God the Creator?
  • Have you ever been excited about knowing God yet don't know how to explain your faith to others?
Once you discover the truth, the real hope, the real love of God, an irrepressible urge rises up in you to share it with your family, best friends, business associates or maybe someone who looks like they could use some encouragement.

Here is what we suggest. Share the link to TLOGFY. You can send it along in an email, a Tweet, a Facebook post, or any other social site just by copying the link. 

After you send it along, just ask simple questions:
  • What did you think of the message?
  • Did it make sense to you?
  • Would you mind if I prayed the prayer with you right now? Feel free to repeat after me.
  • Have you ever read the book of John? Did you see the link to John?
  • Would you like to get together and discuss John and the Bible?
  • One of the points in the presentation mentions that "prayer is just talking to God." What are some things you would like God's help with? May I pray for those things now?
We appreciate hearing how you are using the tool and any suggestions. Feel free to make a comment below. We have already been asked about producing a children's version. Some have suggested a sports-themed version. What do you think? Place a comment below. There are plans to deliver some online content and live training for small groups, churches and organizations. If you want to receive notifications of these events and new related content click here.

Thanks for reading and please follow this blog for more content.